Investing In Precious Metals

Silver Price Chart

The precious metals markets can provide investors with an alternative asset class in which to put money to work. The precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium trade on open markets in their physical form. They also “Back” several paper metal investments, for example the GLD exchange traded fund is backed by physical gold […]

Precious Metals as a Form of Financial Security

Gold Investment Sector

No American could forget the market crash followed by the subsequent economic slump that occurred in 2008. Prices hit a peak high in October of 2007, began to drop the next day and continued to do so for over a year. Due to the global ties of the United States, international markets also began to […]

The Appeal of Silver Investing: Silver Polish your Investments

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Investments in gold, silver, bullion, platinum, palladium, coins and other precious metals, suggest the desire of the investor to diversify his portfolio by putting his wealth in different baskets. Overview of silver investing as a lucrative savings option When we talk of silver investing, we are looking towards investments in a metal which is both […]

The Impact of South Africa on Precious Metal Markets

For anyone who has bought or invests in precious metals, the country of South Africa will eventually come to the forefront, either as a source of the metal or as a significant influence on the metal’s spot price. So it should be no big surprise that when South Africa starts to have production problems, it […]