Silver Investing

Silver investing continues to make sound financial sense. Supply and demand factors exert upward pressure on long-term silver prices. Although silver production rose 4 percent in 2012 to an all-time high of 787 million ounces, its use in medical equipment, electronics, solar power, jewelry, fine silver utensils and serving goods, film, computers, televisions, appliances, transportation […]

The Impact of South Africa on Precious Metal Markets

For anyone who has bought or invests in precious metals, the country of South Africa will eventually come to the forefront, either as a source of the metal or as a significant influence on the metal’s spot price. So it should be no big surprise that when South Africa starts to have production problems, it […]

The State of the Rare Coin Market

Over the last few years, the bad economy has negatively impacted everyone’s lives. It has had especially dire consequences for the real estate market, but the rare gold and silver coin market has been affected as well. While the bad economy has driven some coin collectors to sell their collections or their most prized coins, […]

Different Sectors of Gold Investment

The different sectors that make up the gold investment profile There are different sectors that are part of the family of portfolio items that make up gold investment. These sectors are responsible for getting the industry into shape and ensuring that there is a great presence of gold in the spectrum of economic activities within […]