The Power of Investing In Rare Coins

After the devastating financial crash in early 2008 that dragged on over the next several years, many people were left reeling. For those who lost thousands or millions when the market sank without hope for a quick recovery, the pain is still too fresh. As significant as the market crash was, it was soon followed […]

Getting Started with Rare Coins

Rare Coin Certification

Though economic uncertainty has dogged the traditional stock market for the past half-decade, the performance of stocks and the question marks hanging over the global economy have allowed alternative types of investments to flourish. Consumers who once had a choice only between stocks and bonds can now choose things like gold bullion, precious metals, or […]

Rare Gold and Silver Coin Investing

It’s no surprise that advertisements encouraging people to sell their gold and silver have increased in number since the economic downturn of 2008. Dealers in gold, silver and precious metals in general stand to make some real profits by stockpiling precious metal investments while at the same time ensuring their investment value remains intact. Rare […]