Mark to Market and why it is bad news in this economy

If you have been paying attention to CNBC or any other business channels that past couple of days you will see that the term Mark to Market is being thrown out there a lot lately. It is an insider term but it really does effect the everyday person and their investments that they might be […]

For Christmas I want an IPod, a Mac Book Pro, and Steve Jobs to deliver the ICar

Economists Thomas Friedman was on CNBC today explaining that innovation was needed to fuel the fires of the Economy and not the bail outs. He argues that Steve jobs should come to Detroit and the ICar will be designed and ready in a week. This was of course I hope tongue and cheek. I semi […]

Disruptive Technologies: has become a major disruptive technology in the field of online video that is now dominated by youtube. Hulu has been around for a year but is only now beginning to make mainstream traction and become a force within itself. Youtube right now is still hundreds of millions of viewers beyond hulu but when […]

Today's Tutorial: P/E Ratio

I’m a big believer in knowing a little about the market before you jump in, even if you are using a broker or relying on your 401k plan to get you through your golden years. I am not speaking about becoming a financial whiz kid, I am just speaking about knowing the very basics so […]