Learn How to Rate Rare Coins

If you want to start collecting rare coins or even become a professional coin dealer, you need to properly learn how to grade coins. This skill takes lots of practice and time to learn. Every single coin you will come across has a slightly different standard on which it is graded, and knowing how to price them is a priceless tool to have. You will not undersell a coin or overpay for one ever again once you learn how to determine its value by simply looking at it. Typically the grading scale runs from fair to uncirculated, along with a corresponding number scale that goes from zero to 70.

The first thing you need to do when learning to grade a coin is to look for deformities on it. Try to notice any chips, bends, holes, scratches or any other indication that it is a low grade coin. Even if the coin has a great luster and image on it, deformities can really undermine its value. Also make sure that the lettering and markings on the coin are legible. If they aren’t, your coin will lose even more value.

Determine the type of coin you possess and whether or not it is authentic. You can do this by testing for what material it is made of, looking at the year it was made, as well as its country of origin, mint mark, denomination and other factors. These all can tell you if the coin is rare or not.

Make sure that the coin has a high grade luster. That means that its surface is shiny and reflective. Dull coins are often a sign of age and wear. The higher a coin’s luster is, the more it is worth. This applies for the high points of the coin too, or the places where the coin gets touched the most. If these places are shiny, you can rest easy knowing your coin is of high value.

Based upon your examination of the coin, determine where it fits on the coin grading system. If it is well worn, has dents and scratches, and illegible markings, it is not worth a lot. If it comes from rare origins and still looks great and contains a high luster, you have a worthwhile coin on your hands.

After you review your coin, you can also take it to a professional coin appraiser to make sure you were correct in your estimation of its worth. Having a trustworthy network of professional coin collectors and coin dealers can help you to find high priced coins. This can also help you to sell your coins at a great price and not get ripped off when trying to sell highly valuable coins.

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Become a great coin grader and you’ll love collecting coins even more!