The Future of Solar is Brighter Than Ever

Solar is the new buzz word when it comes to alternative energy and saving the environment, not to mention you can expect to save thousands of dollars in electric bills. One solar company, Verengo is doing their part by offering leased solar panels with zero out of pocket expense. Solar panel leasing has brought solar energy full circle and is now mainstream energy.

According to an interesting Forbes article, Solar Power is Unstoppable, solar will continue to grow by leaps and bounds because solar is not affected by government policy like other sources of energy are. The grid is rightfully worried that they will soon pay taxes on the amount of carbon they spewed into the air, and there is always the possibility that we will end up in a war with Iran, which would significantly increase the price of crude oil. Yet, these scenarios do not affect solar in the least, and barring some unforeseen circumstance solar is the power source of the future.

According to Climate Spectator most people realize we must abandon fossil fuels as a source of energy this century. Not only are fossil fuels expensive but they damage the environment and these fuels have been linked to acid rain and global warming. In addition, the supply of fossil fuels is a finite supply, and is shrinking. As the supply dwindles we can expect electric rates to shoot up higher. Solar is good for the environment and your wallet.

Not too long ago homes were required to buy their solar panel equipment, and this required a large down payment and thousands of dollars to install. However, there are definite tax advantages to buying your own solar panel system and doing so will increase the worth of your home. If you can afford to buy solar panels you should do so. If not leasing significantly reduces electric bills.

Leasing offers its own set of benefits. For example, while solar panels require little maintenance most leasing companies will cover any require repairs and maintenance for the life of the lease, and can save you a ton of money in the unlikely event an inverter needs to be replaced. If you own the system the repair bill is on you. As mentioned it can cost little to nothing to lease a system and you also lock into a low electric rate for your evening electricity needs.

Since solar power has grown so fast it has created much thousands of jobs in an otherwise disappointing economy, and since solar is fast growth industry this trend will continue for many years. The Athens News says the push to go green is heating up worldwide. The planet is getting hotter and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about the pollution caused by fossil fuels. Many states are mandating their utilities to embrace solar and wind technologies, and the federal government offers a 30 percent tax credit to homes that buy solar panels. Other nations too have expanded their solar capabilities, including Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and China.

On the whole, solar panel leasing has contributed to the massive growth underway in the solar industry. Homes that could not otherwise go solar have found a way to reduce their electric bills by thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the fast growth of solar has produced much needed jobs and brought investments into cash strapped localities. Let’s not underestimate the positive impact going solar has on the environment. Fossil fuels pollute, are expensive, and are in short supply. Solar harnesses the power of the infinite sun, and the sun is free. The future is indeed bright for solar power.

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