Palo Alto Solar Energy Generated Power Offers a Great Return on Your Investment

Palo Alto solar energy solar panels offer a great ROI when compared to other long term investments. As a non-volatile investment, installing a whole house solar panel system generates free electricity on a stable basis year after year. With its free power, it allows homeowners and business owners to eliminate costly monthly utility bills, from the first moment the installation is complete.

Lower Monthly Electric Bills
Palo Alto solar energy panels provide dramatically lower electric bills each month; a number that is determined by the size, scope and production capabilities of the solar panel system. With the rising of utility costs measured at more than 21% in the last five years, and a rate spike averaging more than 10% in 2006 alone, there has never been a better time to install a whole house unit on your home. With the longevity of solar panels systems and the need for no moving parts, homeowners and companies can take advantage of the creative ingenuity and fix their utility costs for the next 50 years or more.

Fossil Fuels Dwindling
Governments have long known that the supplies of fossil fuels are beginning to dwindle. As the supply of coal subsides, the demand remains the same or grows. This can only mean that prices for electricity should be expected to soar in the next decade. Your newly installed solar panels will allow you to avoid all the escalating utility costs.

Help the Planet
It is estimated that each American household generates over 7 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide), every year, on average, just through electrical use. Over the course of a traditional lifespan of a whole house solar panel system (50 years), each household generating their own solar electricity would reduce harm to the planet at a savings of 350 tons of CO2 emissions. All reputable scientists now agree that carbon dioxide emissions are creating climate change that is melting our glaciers, eroding our shorelines and endangering every living creative around the globe.

How to Offset Costs
By harnessing the power delivered by the sun every day, you can gain your complete independence from your local utility company and generate all your own electricity from the first moment of installation. You can even install a Palo Alto solar energy unit larger than what you need and sell the excess to the electric company to help the planet even more, and offset the costs of your investment even faster. You can save on solar with and stop paying the utility every month for your power.

Solar panels are even more affordable than you would expect. Although the upfront costs can seem high, the federal, state and many local government agencies offer a variety of incentives to dramatically reduce your cost.

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