Save Big with Solar Panel Rebates

He really liked the idea of getting solar panels for his house, but he was not entirely sure it would make enough financial sense for him to go through with it. He knew the cost of the panels could be high, and even though he might eventually see savings, he just did not know whether it was really the best decision to make for his property. He started talking with one of his cousins, who had recently been in the midst of making the same type of decision. His cousin was able to explain that, thanks to solar panel rebates, it was possible to save far more money from going solar.

What Types of Solar Panel Rebates are there?

Before he could make a final decision, he needed to know what types of rebates he might find. It turns out that the government is actually anxious to get more and more people to start using alternative forms of energy. One of the ways they are doing this is with the aid of tax credits. They will actually offer him a federal tax credit that could be worth 30% of the cost of the new solar panel system. This alone was actually more than he expected, but he soon realized it was not the only type of solar panel rebates available.

Another one of the solar panel rebates for residential properties was specific to his state of California. The California Solar Panel Rebates would help him save even more. However, the time to act for those state specific deals was limited. He knew that if he were going to go for solar power, he would need to do it soon to get the maximum benefits.

Another thing he found quite surprising was the fact that some utility companies would actually offer incentives as well. He even heard that if he made excess energy, it was possible to sell it back to the companies.

One of the other benefits of solar panels, even though it does not quite qualify as one of the solar panel rebates, is the fact that his home value would rise. He worried that an increase in the value of his property might mean an increase in his property tax, which would deplete the benefits he’d gained from the solar panel rebates. However, the state of California doesn’t increase the property taxes of those homes with solar panels. The state has a true commitment to going solar, and this was very good news for him indeed.

Choosing to Go Solar was Never Easier

Once he put in the research and talked to his cousin, it was easy to see just what benefits awaited him when he went solar. The cost was nowhere near what he thought it would be thanks to all of the solar panel rebates, but that was just the beginning of the benefits. He was also quite happy that he was finally able to do something really good for the environment. Recycling was good, and he’d always done that, but he felt that going solar was an even bigger step. It felt great to do something so good, especially when it would help him save money.

The solar panel rebates were wonderful for lowering the cost of the panel installation, and he knew he would be saving every month on the cost of his electricity, even if he ever needed to use some additional power from the grid. Solar panels turned out to be very easy to add to his home, which happened to have a roof situated ideally to gather the most sun. Being in California, it was easy to get plenty of sunshine.

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