Investing In Precious Metals

Silver Price Chart

The precious metals markets can provide investors with an alternative asset class in which to put money to work. The precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium trade on open markets in their physical form. They also “Back” several paper metal investments, for example the GLD exchange traded fund is backed by physical gold […]

Silver Investing

Silver investing continues to make sound financial sense. Supply and demand factors exert upward pressure on long-term silver prices. Although silver production rose 4 percent in 2012 to an all-time high of 787 million ounces, its use in medical equipment, electronics, solar power, jewelry, fine silver utensils and serving goods, film, computers, televisions, appliances, transportation […]

The Power of Investing In Rare Coins

After the devastating financial crash in early 2008 that dragged on over the next several years, many people were left reeling. For those who lost thousands or millions when the market sank without hope for a quick recovery, the pain is still too fresh. As significant as the market crash was, it was soon followed […]

Precious Metals as a Form of Financial Security

Gold Investment Sector

No American could forget the market crash followed by the subsequent economic slump that occurred in 2008. Prices hit a peak high in October of 2007, began to drop the next day and continued to do so for over a year. Due to the global ties of the United States, international markets also began to […]

Moving to Desert Ridge

Finding the right place to live can be a challenge. Some people move around the country trying to find that special place that draws them in for good, but never find it. Where you live is one of the major factors that define a person, and it can be quite difficult to truly enjoy life […]

The Appeal of Silver Investing: Silver Polish your Investments

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Investments in gold, silver, bullion, platinum, palladium, coins and other precious metals, suggest the desire of the investor to diversify his portfolio by putting his wealth in different baskets. Overview of silver investing as a lucrative savings option When we talk of silver investing, we are looking towards investments in a metal which is both […]

Getting Started with Rare Coins

Rare Coin Certification

Though economic uncertainty has dogged the traditional stock market for the past half-decade, the performance of stocks and the question marks hanging over the global economy have allowed alternative types of investments to flourish. Consumers who once had a choice only between stocks and bonds can now choose things like gold bullion, precious metals, or […]