The Mechanics of Solar Power

A solar panel is a set of electrically-connected photovoltaic components mounted on a supporting structure that provide a source of non-polluting, renewable energy.  The panels generate electrical power by having the photovoltaic cells convert solar radiation into direct current electricity through the use of semiconductor materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.  Materials that exhibit the […]

Residential Solar Power Advantages and Benefits

Recent studies across the country have shown that around fifty percent of the recent buyers of solar energy systems are from the country’s middle class households. This is not surprising, since solar energy systems will save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in energy costs, and the middle class households are the ones which […]

Weather Solar Power Changes With Verengo Solar Panels For Homes

The solar power industry has been fraught with difficulties over the last year or so. The U.S. and China have gotten themselves into a trade war over their respective solar panel manufacturing industries. U.S. manufacturers got fed up with subsidized prices for Chinese solar panels. They convinced the Commerce Department to slap tariffs on them. […]

The Future of Solar is Brighter Than Ever

Solar is the new buzz word when it comes to alternative energy and saving the environment, not to mention you can expect to save thousands of dollars in electric bills. One solar company, Verengo is doing their part by offering leased solar panels with zero out of pocket expense. Solar panel leasing has brought solar […]

Two Clear Reasons to Switch to Solar Power

Sometimes in life, certain choices just make sense.  For homeowners, one no-brainer these days is switching over to solar energy.  The facts all prove that sustainable energy is a very real option for anybody who is interested in exploring it.  Solar power is not just for the wealthy any longer.  Today, anybody can afford to […]

Buying and Leasing Solar Panels Compared

There are two ways to go solar, either buy or lease your verengo residential solar panels. The Sustainable Energy Advantage says that while buying and leasing are two distinct methods to go solar, both offer a means to end. Both methods save homeowners thousands in high electric bills, and both reduce CO2 emissions, and each […]

Consider Leasing Anaheim Solar Panels

You already know that it’s possible to lease many of the items that you need, such as your car. However, many do not realize that it is also quite possible to lease solar panels. In Anaheim, solar panels are popular. However, some people do not want to buy the panels, or they might not be […]